Registration now open for DataCite Workshop 5

Making citation work: practical issues for institutions

10am – 4pm, Friday 8th March 2013, The British Library Conference Centre

The first four workshops in the DataCite series looked in detail at some of the key elements of data citation using DOIs. This fifth workshop will take a more holistic view of citation in the context of the day-to-day work of the repository and consider what practical measures are needed to overcome the barriers – whether financial, technical or cultural – to the adoption of DOIs (or other identifiers) for data. As well as a review of some of the key points from our earlier workshops, there will be a chance to hear from institutions that have recently begun working with DataCite or those that are working towards incorporating DataCite services into their repositories.

The workshop would be an ideal opportunity for institutions that are considering adopting DOIs for their data to find out what is required of them. It would also be suitable for institutional repositories at an early stage in their development who want to learn more about how to prepare for making their data persistently citable.

Register online at


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