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Register for “Research data metrics for impact and citation”

The final JISC-British Library DataCite Workshop will take place on Friday 14th June in the British Library Conference Centre.

Developing effective means of measuring the impact of data publication is essential if data is to become recognised as a first class research output. The field of data metrics is still in its infancy, although both established indexing services and ‘altmetrics’ providers are now offering services which measure aspects of data use and impact.

In this workshop we will look at the role of metrics from the perspectives of various stakeholders and consider whether established means of evaluating the impact of journal articles can be applied equally to datasets and other non-traditional outputs. The role of the DOI as a tool for aiding citation and other measures of impact will also be considered alongside other metrics. Continue reading


Workshop report: Making citation work: practical issues for institutions

By (originally posted to Flickr as "Citation needed") [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsWhereas in previous DataCite workshops we looked in detail at some of the key challenges of data citation, the fifth workshop took a more holistic view at the  implementation of DOIs and the practical measures that repositories can take to overcome some of the technical, financial and cultural barriers to the adoption of DOIs for research data.

The workshop provided an opportunity for institutions that were considering adopting DOIs for their data to find out what is expected of them and to put their questions directly to current DataCite clients. Continue reading

Registration open for Workshop #4

What to cite: versioning and granularity of research data for effective citation

Monday 3rd December, The British Library Centre for Conservation

Deciding what constitutes a clearly-defined – and therefore citable – digital object is a key challenge in research data management. The challenge is even greater when the data in question is dynamic (in the case of longitudinal data, for example) or structurally complex (such as data comprised of multiple sub-datasets).

The fourth in the series of JISC-BL workshops will examine best-practice approaches to versioning and granularity for effective data citation, with speakers from research, publishing and both institutional and disciplinary Continue reading

Workshop report: Managing and citing sensitive data

Restricted data stampThis workshop, held at the British Library on October 29th, focused on the challenges of making data that is ethically, legally or commercially sensitive available and citable.

More than 30 participants attended the event, which heard contributions from data repositories that deal with such data daily and RDM researchers who are working to improve the way Continue reading

Workshop Report: Describe, disseminate, discover: metadata for effective data citation

Metadata is a love note to the futureThis workshop focused on metadata for data citation and, in addition to a detailed look at the DataCite schema and how it was developed, featured presentations from a number of DataCite service users who have already incorporated the metadata schema into their workflows.

The workshop was very well attended by representatives from library, repository, publishing and research backgrounds, among others. The high level of interest in this topic seems to reflect the growing awareness in the UK HE community – partly driven by the recent mandates from the research funding councils – of the importance of ensuring that data is accessible and re-usable in the long term. Continue reading

Workshop Report: An introduction to Data Citation and DataCite

DataCite logoThe first in the series of JISC-British Library workshops took place on the 25th of May, and was attended by over 30 participants from the worlds of library, data archives, publishing and academia.

Simon Hodson introduced the workshop with an overview of the history of JISC’s involvement in supporting research data management in UK institutions, and described some of the projects currently underway as part of the Managing Reseach Data programme.

Simon handed over to Lee-Ann Coleman, who set the scene for the day’s theme with a discussion of the role of data within the research lifecycle. She gave a number of examples where the open sharing of data has been essential to the Continue reading

Workshop: Managing and citing sensitive data

Monday October 29th, The British Library Conference Centre

This workshop will look at the challenges of managing sensitive or personal data within the repository context and will hear from speakers who have practical experience of handling data which, for reasons of commercial sensitivity, data protection or research ethics, cannot be made fully publicly accessible. Continue reading